Soul Collector Fanfic/copypasta - ConsortSimp_Real (2024)


Finally I got the Soul Collector now that the silhouettes been added… unfortunately I couldn’t do much in the game due to how hot they were. I was too busy just letting my mind go crazy with ideas and questions. One of the ideas being lured out from my home with the alluring red glow of their lantern. As I approached them, I’d feel chills run up and down my body as I felt their presence grow closer but despite my body would try to stop me, I would just keep moving.

Once I would’ve reached the figure, every part of my mind would want me to run back but my body wouldn’t move, feeling as if my very soul was drawn to the lantern. Though at first, I would assume the lantern was originally just floating due to just how dark it was but I’d soon notice the entity holding the lantern, due to the ghastly glow revealing the robes the entity was wearing. I’d look into the hood of the robes to see nothing but a glowing skull meeting my gaze. The skull would flood my mind with curiosity and wonder. Of course they’d speak to me, a whispered voice coming from the robed figure. They’d promised me that Death was quickly approaching for me, but feeling like this entity will be the one to do it takes any fear I would’ve had away.

I’d ask for a single request from them, an experience I’ve never had before… something more… carnal. This is the moment when they’d realize I was not only covered in a red hue from their lantern, but also red from an apparently blush that grew onto my face. Though being unable to express their emotions, it was apparent that they were confused by the fact that I seemed so excited about it. After a moment of deciding, a sigh is let out of the figure before a whispered command comes out for me to remove my clothes. Of course, I happily oblige, throwing my clothes off and advertising myself to them.

After my clothes were removed, they’d take no time to start and play with my breasts, stimulating my body with their almost frozen cold hands. The chill was immensely pleasurable, the feeling being absolutely fantastic. As one of their hands played with my breasts, one of them moved down to my thighs, squeezing and groping them as they would hear my pathetic whimpering and moans. Their whispered voice would return, this time mocking and teasing me for making those whorish noises, and to be fair, someone would assume I was a consort working with someone out here if they listened to us. Eventually, they’d start to move their hands into the area in between my thighs, playing with and teasing my entrance as my breathing grew heavier as I started to grip onto their robe. As all of this happens, I feel myself start to get drained, my energy depleting quickly while around the robed acolyte of death.

Though I feel my energy quickly start to deplete, I didn’t care as I started to grind against their hand. Continuing to whine and manage to actually form works to start quietly begging for more. After the begging is finished, an ominous chuckle comes from them as they inserted a finger inside. Though this is what I wanted, I seem to freeze the moment it’s inserted, the freezing cold of their hand being too much for my insides. Once they realize how wet I am, they start to move their finger, starting to whisper how it’ll all be over soon. Of course, my moans and noises of pure lust would be much to loud to even hear it. As they moved their fingers, the hand on my breasts started for fully focus on my nipples, causing my mind and body to overwhelm with pleasure. With all of this stimulation, I’d quickly reach climax and make a mess on not only myself but them as well. With a heavy shudder from me as they pull out, I suddenly collapse, feeling all of my energy being drained as my body recovers from the pleasure. While I rest, I felt my energy grow less and less, as the lantern the Soul Collector was holding grew brighter as well as growing a greenish glow. After seeing the wonderful glow of what seems to be a new soul, I close my eyes, having adored the moments I spent in my last breaths.

But yeah, the Soul Collector Silhouette’s cool

Soul Collector Fanfic/copypasta - ConsortSimp_Real (2024)
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