Queen Mary University of London - Ranking, Courses, Admission 2024 & Fees (2024)



Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) is a public research university in London and a member of the federal University of London. The university’s foundation goes back to the year 1785 when The London Hospital Medical College was established. Over the years many colleges merged together to form QMUL. In addition to having campuses in China, France, Greece, and Malta, QMUL maintains five campuses spread throughout East and Central London in Mile End, Whitechapel, Charterhouse Square, Lincoln's Inn Fields and West Smithfield. The Mile End campus is the biggest independent campus amongst all Russell Group institutions located in London.The university offers a range of degree programmes for students to choose from. QMUL is made up of three faculties -

  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Many famous Queen Mary University of London notable alumni have made significant contributions to a variety of professions and academic subjects around the world, including politics, heads of state, science, academia, law, history, commerce, technology and diplomacy. Nine Nobel laureates have worked at QMUL or are now employed there. Ronald Ross, who identified the cause and treatment for malaria, Davidson Nicol, British politician Peter Hain, and Professor Andrew Pollard, the principal scientist of the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, are a few notable alumni.

QMUL is a part of Universities UK, the Association of Commonwealth Universities, and the Russell Group of British research universities. Being a part of UCLPartners (the largest academic health science centre in the world) the university serves as a significant hub for medical research and education. In order to deliver its Global MBA programme, QMUL works with the University of London to provide students with excellent higher education. In 2020-21, the university generated £512.5 million in revenue, including £114.7 million from grants and contracts for scientific research. QMUL also oversees programmes at the University of London Institute in Paris.

University Name Queen Mary University of London
Official Website https://www.qmul.ac.uk/
Year of Establishment 1887
Average Living Cost £26,242 - £26,742
Total International Students 26,045
Country Rank 15
University Type Public
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QMUL has been ranked among the top 200 universities in the world by reputable education ranking publications like QS, THE, and US News & World Report. Since 2017, the university has been included among the top 200 universities in the world by QS (Top Universities). But when it comes to the UK, The Guardian and The Complete University Guide have ranked QMUL among the top 100 universities in the country since 2017. Additionally, THE Rankings and US News ranked it among the top 200 institutions in the world consistently over the years. In 2019, the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) ranked it in the 151st-200th position.

In the Research Excellence Frame (REF) 2021, the university shared the seventh-place ranking for research quality in the UK. 92% of QMUL's research at the university was rated as being of an excellent or world-leading calibre. Six subject areas at the university are ranked within the top 10 which include, Film, Computer Science and Informatics, Politics and International Studies, Engineering, Economics, and History. Here are some Queen Mary University of London rankings in 2022 -

  • #145 - QS - World University Ranking 2024
  • #53 - The Complete University Guide 2024 - University Ranking UK
  • #73 - The Guardian 2024 - University Rankings

Course Rankings

QMUL has a high ranking in several business and accounting publications. In 2018, QS ranked the university's accounting and finance courses between 201-250 worldwide. In 2019 and 2021, THE also ranked it within its PG Business and Economics ranking, between 201-250. The Complete University Guide (CUG) has placed it in its Accounting & Finance and Business & Management Studies rankings within the top 50 UK universities since 2017. Similarly, The Guardian has ranked it for Accounting & Finance and Business, Management & Marketing within the top 100 UK universities since 2016. There are three faculties of study available at UOG for undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Since 2017, QS and THE have ranked this institution among the top 200 universities for engineering courses. The Guardian and The Complete University Guide place their ranking within the top 100 UK universities for engineering, with the Guardian ranking its Computer Science course among the top 50 courses in the country. Let's look at some of the subject rankings -

Business Courses

  • #40 - The Complete University Guide 2024 - Business and Management Studies UK
  • #80 - The Guardian 2024 - Business and Management
  • #52 - The Guardian 2024 - Guardian Economics Rankings

Engineering Courses

  • #15 - The Complete University Guide 2024 - Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering
  • #30 - The Complete University Guide 2024 - Chemical Engineering Ranking
  • #21 - The Complete University Guide 2024 - Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • #19 - The Complete University Guide 2024 - Mechanical Engineering Ranking

Medicine Courses

  • #16 - The Complete University Guide 2024 - Medicine Rankings
  • #22 - The Guardian 2024 - Guardian Medicine Rankings

Mass Communication & Media Courses

  • #24 - The Complete University Guide 2024 - Communication and Media Studies Ranking
  • #12 - The Guardian 2024 - Guardian Media and Film Studies Rankings

Humanities Courses

  • #28 - The Complete University Guide 2024 - Psychology Rankings
  • #45 - The Guardian 2024 - Guardian Politics Rankings

Law Courses

  • #15 - The Complete University Guide 2024 - Law Rankings
  • #11 - The Guardian 2024 - Guardian Law Rankings


QS Ranks

US News Ranks














Students attending the university can take advantage of a wide range of programmes and groups. There are many Queen Mary University of London facilities and services available to students on-campus like -

Libraries And Information Services

  • Three libraries are located throughout QMUL's campuses in London. The biggest is in Mile End, where it serves as the campus' hub.
  • During the school year, the Mile End library is open around-the-clock. It provides free secure charging boxes and free laptop borrowing schemes for students.
  • Along with computer rooms and quiet areas for reflection, the Mile End library offers group study rooms and private study spaces.
  • Students from QMUL can also access the Senate House in Bloomsbury, which serves as the main library for the University of London.

Faith - The Students' Union has a multifaith centre that offers a place for private prayer, meditation and reflection.

Exercise And Sports - The Mile End and Whitechapel campuses each include top-notch fitness centres. The Students' Union's fitness centre in Mile End has the newest technology, features a gym just for women and offers 30 group exercise programmes each week.

Modern Infrastructure - On its campuses, QMUL has stores, a bank, laundromats, bars and restaurants that students can access easily.

Notable Alumni

Queen Mary University of London - Ranking, Courses, Admission 2024 & Fees (1)

Jane Hill

English Newsreader

Queen Mary University of London - Ranking, Courses, Admission 2024 & Fees (2)

Peter Hain

Member of House of Lords of the United Kingdom

Queen Mary University of London - Ranking, Courses, Admission 2024 & Fees (3)

Peter Mansfield



Acceptance Rate

Queen Mary University Of London acceptance rate is 18% for international students. This is a selective number and around 18 students are given a go-ahead from 100 applications. To be able to successfully get into this university, students must score high grades and submit needed documents.

Over the past few years, the university has seen high acceptance rates, reaching 61.4% in 2022 and 64% in 2020. However, admission competition has increased for the current academic year, with the acceptance rate falling to 18%.

While gaining entry has therefore become more challenging, prospective students can still secure a spot by meeting all entry requirements and demonstrating their academic capabilities. Despite the recent decrease, strong applicants to Queen Mary’s can continue to have solid chances, especially if they showcase their motivations and potential in their applications.

Queen Mary University Of London Fees

The university provides a huge selection of graduate and undergraduate programmes. Whether a student is a domestic or international applicant, the type of course specialisation and the level of the degree affects the Queen Mary University of London fees for each programme. Additionally, universities charge for the amenities and services offered on-campus. Here is a breakdown of the costs according to each programme's duration -

  • Master of Science [M.Sc], Accounting and Finance: £28,950
  • Master of Science [M.Sc], Advanced Mechanical Engineering: £26,750
  • Master of Science [M.Sc], Artificial Intelligence: £28,950
  • Master of Science [M.Sc], Astrophysics: £26,750
  • Master of Science [M.Sc], Big Data Science with Industrial Experience: £26,750

Queen Mary University Of London Entry Requirements

Students can apply online for undergraduate programmes using the UCAS website, graduate programmes through the university's online application system, and foundation and pre-masters programmes through the online website portal. Following are the essential Queen Mary University of London entry requirements, academic standards and language competency tests required for applying to the various programmes the university provides -

Basic Requirements for UG and PG Studies -

  • Application form completed.
  • UK qualifications include A-Levels, Higher Education Diplomas, BTEC (Level 3), Cambridge Pre-U, Core Maths (Level 3), Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), GCSEs, Irish Leaving Certificate, Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers, T Levels or Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate.
  • Non-country specific qualifications include European Baccalaureate, International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma or International A-Levels.
  • International qualifications include a range of requirements which are country-specific.
  • A copy of prior diploma(s).
  • Academic transcripts of grades.
  • One or two academic citations.
  • A Statement of Purpose (SOP).
  • Resume/CV.

Application Portal

  • UG: UCAS
  • PG: University website

English Language Requirement

  • IELTS: 6.0 - 6.5
  • PTE: 57
  • TOEFL: 79 - 92

Additional Documents

  • Transcripts
  • 2-3 LORs
  • SOP

Know More About Universities in London -

Queen Mary University Of London Placements

The Queen Mary University of London placements provide students with job possibilities in the future. It offers its students the advantage of a successful future by offering renowned and well-recognized courses and programmes that are tailored specifically for students.

The university provides a job-searching website called QM Careers Hub that is accessible to all students, employees, and employers. On this website, employers can also advertise job openings. Along with that, the university organises a number of career fairs and activities that assist students in exploring their options and securing the most advantageous and appropriate employment. To help students promote themselves, gain new skills and create their resumes in a way that will get them picked, a number of workshops and other events for resume building, interviews and similar procedures are also available for them. The university has won numerous accolades and awards, both internationally and in the UK, namely for its tie-up with highly well-known companies.

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These are the various scholarships which students can apply for at Queen Mary University of London:

Name Of The Scholarship


Chevening Scholarships


Commonwealth Masters Scholarships

£1,236 - £1,516

Queen Mary Global Excellence Scholarships


Norman Palmer Partial Scholarships

1/3rd of partial fee

View All


Most international students are obligated to show proof of sufficient funds in order to obtain a visa. While some students may have the opportunity to make use of scholarships, not all students cut the eligibility to get a scholarship or a grant. Moreover, not all scholarships cover 100% of your study abroad expenses. At such times, most students resort to acquiring education loans to avoid the financial hassles associated with studying at the Queen Mary University of London. For Indian students, UniCreds is the ideal education loan marketplace if you’re looking for low-interest rates and free consultation services!


There are severalstudent accommodations in Londonnear Anglia Ruskin University that are fully equipped for your needs. Student accommodation near Queen Mary University Of Londonoffers a wide choice of affordable yet elegant student flats, halls of residence, studios, ensuites, and more! You have the option of staying on campus in the university halls of residence or a private residence. Because of their proximity to the university, on-campus housing options may be ideal; nevertheless, they tend to fill up fast and are more expensive.

UniAcco simplifies the process of finding student housing and offers a variety of options. As a result, students can select from an array of available student accommodations near the university, such as luxury studios, en-suites, and shared apartments that are inexpensive and fully furnished with 24/7 staff support.

Cost of Living

A student's time at QMUL is filled with opportunities to learn, socialise and have fun. While studying abroad, there are some costs that students need to be aware of like accommodation, food, groceries, etc. The table below will give you the average cost of living in London for each item per month -


Monthly Cost (Pound Sterling)

Off-Campus Accommodation


On-Campus Accommodation




Food Cost








Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation


Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation


Annual Cost of Living


The above data is sourced from Cost of Living in London on UniAcco.

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