2024 Fantasy Football Busts: 6 NFC East Players You Shouldn't Draft (2024)

For the 2024 Fantasy Football season, it’s crucial you know which players to NOT DRAFT! We’re breaking down the Six players in the NFC East from the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Washington Commanders, and Philadelphia Eagles that you should STAY AWAY FROM!

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys QB

Dak Prescott had a fantastic year with a QB3 finish graded by the Fantasy Footballers and FantasyPros, and both have Dak respectively high with a QB9 and QB5 for this upcoming season, but I am fading on Dak Prescott this year for several reasons as a QB1 option to draft.

The Cowboys offense worked best with a 1-2 Punch of different styles of explosive backs. When Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard were together, the offensive balance was strong, where both Running backs excelled in the passing game. Tony Pollard, the favorite of the two for the passing game is now gone, and so are his explosive plays.

Ezekiel Elliott returns from the New England Patriots with his worst season of his career, and now has two large decreases in Fantasy production seasons in a row. Ezekiel Elliott has been a viable option in the passing game in the past, but Elliott is now entering his 9th season and doesn’t have the explosiveness he once had to earn that extra for Dak.

The production of the running backs this season will not threaten defenses to stack the box and in turn will make sure to take away Dak’s best option Ceedee Lamb.

Ceedee Lamb was a beast last year, but it is hard to replicate that great of a season again. Especially since Jerry Jones did little work to bolster the Cowboy’s roster. Dak’s main other options are Jake Ferguson who finished as TE9, along with underwhelming performances by Brandin Cooks and Jalen Tolbert last season.

Dak needs Ceedee Lamb to do a repeat performance from last year and with Dallas staying quiet during free agency may be a sign of change in the future.

This is a year Dak Prescott is a fade as a starting fantasy QB. He isn’t looking great to have a Top-12 finish.

Saquon Barkley, Philadelphia Eagles RB –

Saquon Barkley now with the Philadelphia Eagles looking for a fresh start and better offensive line, has everyone thinking this is when we get the Old Saquon back. I am telling you Saquon is getting Old and those same people forget about how bad the fantasy run game was for the Philadelphia Eagles last year.

Fantasy Pros has Saquon at RB4 for the upcoming season but also had him finish last year as an RB13, The Fantasy Footballers see him not quite as well but with an RB8 for 2024 and had him finish as RB12 for 2023. I am seeing RB14 as the new ceiling for Saquon’s fantasy outlook for 2024. Now, Saquon did only play 14 games last year. Deandre Swift finished as RB23 with 15 games as an Eagle.

Jalen Hurts being able to Rush, with mouths to feed in AJ Brown, Devonta Smith and Dallas Goedert. Saquon’s value drops. His value is to balance the team’s offense, not put up offensive stats. If we are to believe the Eagles offense to take a step forward this year and become elite like their super bowl run, that may also come with the possibility of garbage time where Barkley sits.

RB 14-20 is where I would put Saquon Barkley this year. Too many drafters will reach for what he once was.

Austin Ekeler, Washington Commanders RB,

Austin Ekeler’s time as a fantasy beast is over and it happened rapidly. Ekeler seems to have lost his boost and now is on a team with a Dual Threat QB and set to split carries with Brian Robinson Jr. Ekeler finished as the RB31 on Fantasy Pros and RB28 on Fantasy Footballers in 13 games in 2023 his current RB Ranking sits at 27 and 28.

This may be super obvious but for those who don’t keep up with news like us weirdos who read fantasy news every day and listen to fantasy podcasts, Ekeler is no longer a viable threat, and seems like a poor move for Washington. Ekeler has a great work ethic and may prove he still has it, I just can’t see how he is going to get enough touches to be relevant this year.

The New York Giants

I would not draft anyone on the New York Giants. Which sounds drastic and rude but is honest. I am fading all New York Giants.

Devin Singletary finished ranked RB29 for 2023 and going RB32 on FantasyPros for 2024.

Daniel Jones barely played last year and is going as the QB27 on FantasyPros

Daniel Bellinger finished as TE49 behind Darren Waller and now will start but has 27th ranked QB Daniel Jones throwing to him so no thank you.

The highest ranked wide receiver is Malik Nabers at WR26, and that is a reach. While he is superbly talented, his quarterback is not elite.

If you watched Hard Knocks, or at least the clips, you know the GM is this is Daniels Jones year to make the jump, and not be a run first team. If you believe in Daniel Jones maybe he and Malik are worth the risk, but it’s safer to just not take any and look at a team in a better situation.

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2024 Fantasy Football Busts: 6 NFC East Players You Shouldn't Draft (2024)
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